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To whom it may concern,

We have been in business for over 25 years and take pride in our excellent customer service and high Quality products. The Customer purchased an Emerald Cut Eternity band from us July 18, 2014. All our items are custom made and with an average 10 business day wait time. The customer wanted her band sent out RUSH so that she can wear it in vacation in Las Vegas. We send out the band on July 18 to accommodate her rush order. Due to the fact that we were rushed and the customer’s unwillingness to be patient we sent her a band that was done properly however needed some adjustments. After The Customer received the first band she contacted us regarding some minor issues so we agreed to make her a brand new band after she returned from her vacation in Las Vegas. The customer returned the first band July 30, 2014. We replaced all the Emerald Cut Diamonds onto another brand new setting and shipped it back to The Customer on July 31, 2014. The Customer received her replacement band on August 4, 2014. expressed her content and attempted to purchase a pair of Diamond earrings from us. After nearly a month we received another email from the Customer informing us that she had an accident and the band was damaged or in her words “collapsed”. We instructed The Customer to send in the band so we can evaluate it and contact her. When we received the band back it was completely deranged and badly damaged. We contact the Customer and informed her that this kind of repair was not covered. Due to her being a new client we agreed to make her a new band for $650 which covers Gold and Labor. The Customer began to get very hostile and complain about the Quality of the craftsmanship. This band was not damaged due to normal wear and tear. This band was subject to a irregular abuse or accident. We repaired the band to the best of our ability and sent it back to Mrs. Williams. Enclosed we have included several pictures of the band we shipped out to The Customer as well as the band she returned to us for repair. The Customer had admitted in her first email that we had sent her a perfect Round Shape Eternity band and she admitted her wrong doings. We have no problem replacing her damaged band with a new setting as long as she is willing to pay for all cost associated with the repair.

Thank you in advance for your help and attention towards this matter.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom #1139522

Genuine question but are you supposed to see all those gaps between the diamonds?

San Jose, California, United States #969703

Goel Talasazan You are a vindictive criminal who try to ruin people reputation by posting false reviews.


You can't give yourself 5 star reviews, GTFO


This went to court and aired 11/18/14 on Judge Judy

"Take a plea, tell a lie; online Jewlery slam!"

See episode before you buy. This company is not good! Buyer beware they get your money and you get no 100% satisfaction guarantee as they falsely state!

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #903130

Truly scared to buy from a business that has 25 years experience, and has more negative reviews than positive.

Just stating the obvious!


Another lie from this company as the band was purchased July 10th, which allowed for ample time to have it done properly and sent out prior to my leaving town the 21st.

These inconsistencies and lies will reveal themselves if I am not offered a full refund.

This will be taken to the courts.

This company does not produce quality pieces and they do not guarantee 100% satisfaction. Nor will they refund my money.


After 3 poorly constructed bands, chipped stones and uneven diamond settings and diamond sizes, this is not the quality of a good eternity band. The ring was not mishandled in any way, it collapsed due to poor craftsmanship.

Just as the first one was replaced due to poor craftsmanship. I was told via a phone conversation that this ring would be remade, a lie. As they have stated above they attempted to repair the faulty workmanship and have sent me a ring that is in horrible condition with diamonds mounted uneven and missing gold in the construction. This company does not guarantee 100% satisfaction, they lie and put out very poor quality pieces.

I will be taking this matter to court. Buyer beware.

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